Get out of your financial rut 

In a few minutes a day, discover how tracking your weekly spending can help you be more intentional with your finances - and find opportunities to create awareness around your money and save more.

One of the things my clients worry about before working with me is what they’ll have to let go of to gain clarity and confidence with their money. They wonder if they’ll have to say no traveling, if they’ll be able to have a latte or if they’ll still be able to go to brunch […]

Financial Habit

Three Questions to Ask Before You Change Your Spending

This week increase your retirement contribution by 1%. It may not seem like much but this small action is the difference of thousands of dollars in 10, 20, or even 30 years. One of the things my clients worry about the most is whether they’ll have enough for retirement. It is something I’ve worried about […]


How to prepare for retirement

A simple habit I’ve adopted is checking my paystub at the beginning of the year. Why? Well, simply put numbers fluctuate. Whether it’s new tax laws, a raise (woot! woot!), or a change in your contributions to retirement or healthcare these are just a few of the reasons why your paycheck may fluctuate at the […]

Financial Habit

How to gain clarity with your money at the start of the year

Hopefully, you have recovered from the holidays, which is why I want to help you start preparing for the 2020 holiday season. You may be thinking Keina isn’t this a little early? We’ve got the entire year! Well, it is early but this is what financial preparation is all about. Giving yourself plenty of time […]


Three Steps to Financially Prepare for the Holidays

Ugh! Why am I still in credit card debt? You’ve been carrying this credit card debt all year. In fact, your debt hasn’t moved since last year. If anything, it’s increased! You’ve been throwing money at it but you just can’t seem to get that number to budge. Let’s get real. First, I want to […]

Debt Payoff

Get Out of Credit Card Debt by Asking These Four Questions

One of my favorite ways to save money is to negotiate my recurring bills. That means that, at least once a year, you’ll find me calling my cell phone carrier, my car insurance company and my cable provider to see where I’m missing out on opportunities to save. This week, I want you to do […]


The Easiest Way to Save

What would you do if you did not receive your paycheck next payday? Well, that happened to a friend of mine about a month ago. I received a text from her telling me none of the employees at her job had been paid because there was an error in payroll – and that she wasn’t […]


How to Handle an Interruption in Pay

Me: How Much Do You Owe in Credit Card Debt? You: It’s a lot. I can relate. I was in $75,000 worth of student loan debt and incurred credit card debt along the way but getting clear on exactly how much debt I was in was one of the best things I EVER did for […]

Debt Payoff

Pay Off Your Debt Once and For All

Did you know I have 20/20 vision? Thanks to an FSA account I contributed to and the Lasik it helped me pay for! I hope you feel a little closer to me now. When I first started working in a professional setting, I never took advantage of an FSA or HSA because I did not […]


Should I use an FSA or HSA to help me save for healthcare needs?

managing your finances during uncertainty

One of my favorite ways to support clients is by helping them make a plan to spend less or stay within their budget. When we’re looking at spending less, the common area that most of my clients need support is keeping their groceries or eating out budget under control. I’m fairly confident that this will […]


Three Ways to Stay Within Your Budget

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