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Meet Lauren

She spent three and a half months exploring different cultures and ways of life. She got to spend 12-14 hours a day interacting with nature, breathing a lot deeper, and rediscovering life. 

 “I once laid in bed at night, stressed about wanting to save more and thinking ‘but I have to finish off this debt’ and I couldn’t seem to get ahead and I was working so hard and that was so discouraging because 

despite working so hard, I was not making progress.

But to be equipped with simple things that radically changed the way my money was spent was so powerful. Now, I lay my head on my pillow at night and money is not one of the things that I think about and not because I have a superabundance but because I have enough and that’s a really nice feeling.”

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Meet Lourdes

In our first call, we were able to align her values with her spending plan in a way that mirrored her personal focus on health and clarity. Her greatest ‘ah-ha’, while we were working together, is that if she set the money aside for the things she valued most then she wouldn’t have to worry about something like a medical expense throwing her off track. This simple shift meant that she would now have money available to take care of her priorities without the worry she was taking away from some other area of her life and ‘starting over'.

The intensive showed her what she was doing well and where she had space to grow.  

“I don’t have the mindset anymore about it [managing your finances] being tedious. I realize that I manage my finances so frequently that I really feel comfortable.”

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Meet Maggie

She did not want to keep carrying her credit card debt. Before Maggie started working with me, she did not know where her money was going and it did not have significance for her because it was either in her checking account or reflected in her credit card statement. 

“It’s not a matter of competence, it’s like therapy, you’ve got so much internally wrapped up you need to have an objective person that is going to help you say step back from this and organize. I’ve tried apps and I don’t think an app can replace this. I wanted someone to walk me through my choices and the psychology around what I'm doing and what it means. Having somebody say this is what is going where and here is when you need to think about it and how - it mattered. ”

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It’s time to make a decision to stop going in circles, stop being afraid and get the support you        


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