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Are you hearing the news of the stimulus and thinking it’s not enough? Or that you won’t qualify?  What if you explored giving yourself a stimulus check?  Keina, I don’t have that kind of money!   I would argue that you do have the money to provide your own stimulus check – and I want to […]


How to Create Your Own Stimulus Check

Discover how auditing your money team can unlock earning potential. Surround yourself with people and resources who inspire you to aim higher professionally. Listen to learn how building a supportive network impacts your financial future.


3 Essential Steps to Auditing Your Money Team for Financial Growth

By now you realize the revenue in your business is not always linear.  Some months you feel like you have stellar income and other months make you feel like everything could go underwater. Hustling is the only method you know to manage the monthly ebbs and flows.  Well, today I want to teach you how […]

Business Finances

How to Manage Fluctuating Income In Your Business

When I started working with my client Brooke, she was spending most of her money, she didn’t have a clear handle on her business finances. She was charging some things on her business credit card, pulling money from our account for other expenses, and paying her family whatever was leftover.  Not knowing exactly how much […]

Business Finances

Your Small Business Needs An Emergency Fund Too!

The number one problem my clients need help solving is knowing how they can use their money each day to save. How much money is for bills? How much money do they have to spend? How much money can they save for their goals and still have money to enjoy?  Maybe you can relate.   Before […]


Using Multiple Accounts to Budget

Note from Keina: This post was originally sent via newsletter. Newsletter subscribers receive financial tips like this before anyone else. Click here to subscribe to the newsletter! If you’re reading this in the midst of 2020 you might be wondering if your financial goals are realistic or if your financial goals are worth achieving. Trust […]

Financial Habit

Two Ways To Change Your Relationship With Money

managing your finances during uncertainty

I want you to know I am here for you.  My goal is to help you remain consistent and empower and support you to be intentional with your finances even during this season. Now, more than ever is the opportunity for you to show up for yourself. Maybe you still have income coming in.Maybe you experienced […]


How to Manage Your Expenses During Uncertainty

The question my community is always asking is “How can I stop overspending? I have good intentions but often lose sight.” Society says stop buying the latte. Social media is telling you to go for a month with no spend days. Well, I don’t think either is the answer because neither addresses your mindset or […]


How to Stop Overspending

Maybe you’ve taken on some extra hours at work or you started working a second job because your goal this year is to save money to travel or pay down your debt. But the reality is you have no idea where the extra money is going. You still don’t have the travel fund. You haven’t […]

Financial Coach

How to Use Extra Income to Reach Your Goals

Receive Your Biggest Refund Yet. Have you seen this headline in your inbox?Whether you love or hate this time of year I want to encourage you to set a clear intention for your tax refund. Taking the time to create a plan for your refund can help you make sure your refund doesn’t just disappear. […]


How to Use Your Tax Refund

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