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In a few minutes a day, discover how tracking your weekly spending can help you be more intentional with your finances - and find opportunities to create awareness around your money and save more.

No more waiting to solve your money challenges. Let me give you immediate


Hi, my name is Keina Newell. I'm the Founder at Wealth Over Now.

When we work together you’ll start making changes that will give you the power to know where your money is going.

My work with clients goes a lot deeper than numbers, I address more than budgets or a plan to start paying down debt.

I help my clients identify their financial values and goals and commit to real behavioral change so they can stop spinning their wheels and gain the clarity and confidence they desire.

While I may be a financial coach today, I’ve been where you are. I’ve been the young professional making $33,000 a year. I’ve had monthly student loan payments that were as high as a rent payment. I’ve charged up credit cards. I’ve gone on a trip, knowing I didn’t have the cash.

being where you are today has given me the experience, skillset, and the tools to help others, like you. 

A personal finance journey is just that — personal — and when we work together, your money story is my number one focus.

"Keina really helped clarify the fundamentals of building and tracking a budget for me. She spends time focusing on the emotional side of your relationship with money with you -- which most of us ignore. Keina showed me how invaluable that is."
- Meena, Oakland, California 

"Since working with Keina, I’ve stopped overdrafting my accounts, bill collectors have stopped calling me, my credit score has risen 250 points, I've built up my savings account, and my mentality has changed."
- Damon, Houston, TX 

"During our one month intensive, I was able to see how easy it is to increase my account balance if I pay attention. Giving every dollar a name is real and does help. After working with Keina in the one-month intensive, I have a little over $800 in savings when I had none a month ago.” - Anonymous

“I was able to stay afloat and live within my means, but I was not maximizing my savings by being mindful of my spending. After working with Keina, I was able to see very clearly how I should be budgeting my bi-weekly paychecks"
- Kristen, Washington, DC

working together

Ways to work together

from working 1:1, having financial “parties”, to speaking opportunities.

This community is here to encourage and support you in having open and honest conversations about money so you can stop spinning your wheels and finally gain clarity and confidence with your finances.  

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