How to Use Extra Income to Reach Your Goals

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Maybe you’ve taken on some extra hours at work or you started working a second job because your goal this year is to save money to travel or pay down your debt. But the reality is you have no idea where the extra money is going. You still don’t have the travel fund. You haven’t paid down your debt. And quite frankly, you have nothing to show for all the extra work you’ve been doing.

Last week, my client and I created a simple tool to help her see how she could use her extra income to support three short term goals she’s working on. Before working together, she has always taken on extra hours at work but she could not account for where the extra money was going.

Maybe you can relate.

Well, I want to help you make progress towards your goal. So, I’ve created a mini-training to show you the simple tool that I developed to support my client.

I want to help you be intentional about using the extra money you’re making.

In this mini-training, you will learn how to create a system to monitor how you’re using your extra income.

This tool will help you give every extra dollar a name so that you can accelerate your progress towards your goal and no longer wonder “Where did that money go?”.

If you found the mini training helpful and would like to grab the simple tool for yourself send me a quick email at and I’ll be sure to send you the simple tool that is helping my client prioritize her extra income.

All the best, Keina

P.S. If you’re ready to not only start being intentional about your extra income but want to be intentional about the money you make, it’s time for us to connect. We both know that you’ve made some promises to yourself about how you want to save more, pay down debt, and get out of the paycheck to paycheck cycle. You can start now if you want my support in reaching your goals, let’s find a time to chat. I have one more spot open for a FREE call next week. If you want to grab it for yourself, click here.

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