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Receive Your Biggest Refund Yet. Have you seen this headline in your inbox?Whether you love or hate this time of year I want to encourage you to set a clear intention for your tax refund. Taking the time to create a plan for your refund can help you make sure your refund doesn’t just disappear. […]


How to Use Your Tax Refund

Ugh! Why am I still in credit card debt? You’ve been carrying this credit card debt all year. In fact, your debt hasn’t moved since last year. If anything, it’s increased! You’ve been throwing money at it but you just can’t seem to get that number to budge. Let’s get real. First, I want to […]

Debt Payoff

Get Out of Credit Card Debt by Asking These Four Questions

Me: How Much Do You Owe in Credit Card Debt? You: It’s a lot. I can relate. I was in $75,000 worth of student loan debt and incurred credit card debt along the way but getting clear on exactly how much debt I was in was one of the best things I EVER did for […]

Debt Payoff

Pay Off Your Debt Once and For All

A few weeks ago, I got a promotion in the mail that said “Conquer Your Debt…Pay Down Your Credit Card Balance and Watch It Disappear.” I’m sure you’ve seen something similar in your mailbox- a balance transfer that promises to get you out of debt. And maybe you’ve wondered if it’s your ticket out. To […]

Debt Payoff

What is the Deal with Credit Card Balance Transfers?

I keep throwing money at my credit card debt but it isn’t going anywhere. You are not alone. This is the number one problem that people in my community face and the number one problem we solve by setting up a clear financial system in my one-month coaching intensive. Here’s the scoop and the two […]

Debt Payoff

My Debt Isn’t Moving Even Though I Keep Throwing Money At It

You may think that you need to have your money in order and understand complex concepts like compound interest and credit scores and retirement plans in order to benefit from working with a financial coach. What you really need is faith. Why faith?? Well, faith gets you to do what seems impossible. Faith helps you […]


What You Really Need Is Faith

People in my community often wonder what’s the best way to pay off their debt. There are a few approaches but the main ones are debt snowball and debt avalanche. Here is a quick Q&A and a few resources to build your knowledge so you can decide which approach would work best for you. With […]

Debt Payoff

What’s the Best Approach to Pay Off Debt?

The question my community is always asking is “Should I pay off my debt if I have money in my bank account?” Someone like Dave Ramsey would say “keep $1000, and put the rest towards your debt. Then proceed to baby step 2: pay off all non-mortgage debt using the debt snowball”. My answer is […]


Should I pay off my debt if I have money in my savings?

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