Three Questions to Ask Before You Change Your Spending

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One of the things my clients worry about before working with me is what they’ll have to let go of to gain clarity and confidence with their money.

They wonder if they’ll have to say no traveling, if they’ll be able to have a latte or if they’ll still be able to go to brunch or happy hour with their friends.

And you might be wondering the same thing.

What will I have to let go of to gain clarity and confidence with my money?

To see the changes you desire with your finances you might have to let go of something but before you do I want you to consider your values.

When I work with clients one of the first things we explore is what they value. From the latte habit to brunch with friends our desires in life are driven by the things we value.

You see when you are able to identify your values you can start to align your spending with the things that matter most.

Changing your relationship with money does not mean EVERYTHING MUST GO!

But I would ask you to consider what is that you value most so you can build in the things you love and consider new opportunities to prioritize your goals and the things you desire.

Start by asking yourself these three questions.

Why does this matter?

What is it about this experience that brings me joy?

Can I think about this value in a different way?

You might be wondering what this looks like. One of my clients found that she was spending a lot of money dining out. When we talked more about her spending she identified a few times that she felt good about her decision to eat out because it was in perfect alignment with her value of time and building relationships. However, she did want to cut down on the number of times she was eating out because she was unprepared. So, she decided to allow herself room to have a nice lunch out at least once a week. She found the weekly lunch date she has with a friend to be an experience she enjoys. During this time she is able to nurture a relationship and work remotely which allows her to tackle her to-do list more efficiently which gives her more time with her family.

This week consider your own values and how you spend your money. Maybe you value quality time with friends. Maybe you value convenience or new experiences. As you consider your values I challenge you to think of 2-3 ways you can honor your values without sacrificing your progress towards your goals.

Email me at and let me know one way you can honor your values without sacrificing your goals.



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