Mimosas + Money Matters is less than a party but more than a get-together - it’s a safe space designed to help you have powerful money conversations with your community without all the fear. 

 I created this movement to help you create a judgment-free zone to talk about money so you can stop spinning your wheels about personal finances.

I want you to start having financial conversations with your community that will help you work towards your goals of intentionally managing your finances, getting out of debt, and changing your relationship with money. 

Mimosas + Money Matters is an opportunity for you to host a money conversation in your space.  

Think of it as your favorite cooking class or book club for finances. I’ll help you organize the event so you can bring people together from your circle that challenge you to be your best so you can connect about shared experiences in adulting well and living a life you love.

In the past, I’ve hosted this event for young professionals from all over the DC area to talk about finances and change their relationship with money. 

Now I’m bringing the conversation into local communities because I want to spread the movement further and encourage more people to talk about money with their family, friends, and colleagues.

“The questions that Keina asked us about what we value, in an effort for us to come up with a budget, led to some dynamic whole group discussions. It was also valuable to be able to identify what I value as a tool to helping me budget.” -Jonathan 


So glad you asked! Let’s connect

Thank you for asking, this event is inclusive and we’ve served fun mocktails at past events. My goal is to support communities in changing their relationship with money and although the event says Mimosas + Money Matters that looks different for each community. What I want to be true for every community is that we’re able to engage in a conversation where you leave with new feelings, commitments, and beliefs about money matters. 

"I enjoyed the open discussion and encouragement that everyone had towards one another. I loved the community and felt that Mimosas + Money matters was a safe place to be honest and talk about hard things."

- Yolanda 

"I liked the smaller sized group. It made it more of an intimate conversation and everyone added value to the conversation."

- Stephanie Moore

"The most valuable thing I took away from Mimosas + Money Matters was a plan for a money date and some steps to get started."

- Michell

"I learned a lot from others but the most valuable thing I took way from Mimosas + Money Matters was based off others advice and experience a little bit of saving early on can go a long way."


"Keina has great energy and makes something as daunting as money seem "easy" and accessible."

- Ashleigh Robinson

"I enjoyed learning about different ways to use and save money."

- Cecelia

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