How to Use Your Tax Refund

Budgeting, Debt Payoff, Saving

Receive Your Biggest Refund Yet.

Have you seen this headline in your inbox?Whether you love or hate this time of year I want to encourage you to set a clear intention for your tax refund. Taking the time to create a plan for your refund can help you make sure your refund doesn’t just disappear.

One of the ways I like to support my clients is by helping them think through how their tax refund can help them make progress towards their financial goals. Today, I want to help you do the same thing.

So, let’s look at a few goals you may have set this year.

Maybe you set a goal to increase your income. You could use your tax refund to invest in a course or certification that you know will help you apply for a job with a higher salary.

Maybe you set a goal to get out of debt. You could use a percentage of your refund to pay down your credit card debt, get caught up on bills, or make an extra payment towards your student loans.

Maybe you set a goal to build your savings. You could use a percentage of your refund to save your first $1,000 or add to your overall emergency fund.

Maybe you set a goal to change your relationship with money. You could use your refund to invest in financial coaching so you can get the support you desire in setting up a clear system to manage your money and gain the peace of mind you desire.

Or maybe you’ve made it this far in my email and you’re saying Keina, I never get a refund! Well, you can still create a plan for any extra income you might receive this year from a bonus, working overtime, or the money you receive from another stream of income outside of your regular salary.

Creating a plan to be intentional with your money is the shift you need to change your relationship with money once and for all. So, open up your calendar and set aside at least ten minutes this week to write out YOUR plan for how you want to use your tax refund. If you know you desire more accountability and support and need support in creating a plan that will allow you to save more and pay down debt I invite you to schedule a call and apply to work with me.

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