My Debt Isn’t Moving Even Though I Keep Throwing Money At It

Debt Payoff

I keep throwing money at my credit card debt but it isn’t going anywhere.

You are not alone. This is the number one problem that people in my community face and the number one problem we solve by setting up a clear financial system in my one-month coaching intensive.

Here’s the scoop and the two reasons why your credit card debt isn’t going anywhere.

1. You’re ONLY making the minimum payment.

Let’s say you have a $6,000 credit card balance with a 15% interest rate. You are required to pay $135 as a minimum payment. You’re able to easily make this payment so, yes, you’re making a payment each month but the majority of your payment is going towards interest and not the overall principal. For the first 12 months of those payments, almost half of your payment is going towards the interest and not the principal of your credit card. Hence, the reason you keep saying my credit card debt isn’t going anywhere.

2. You’re STILL making purchases on your credit card.

You have a $6,000 credit card balance with a 15% interest rate and you make the $135 minimum payment each month AND sometimes you’re even able to pay a little more than the minimum. BUT you also make a purchase here and there throughout the month on that same credit card without really thinking about it. So, guess what?! While you’re paying off your debt and possibly paying more than the minimum, you’re also accruing more debt because you continue to make purchases you cannot afford on your credit card. So, yes you are current on your payments but you continue to increase the overall balance each time you make a purchase.

If you want to see your credit card debt disappear once and for all, you need to create a spending plan that allows you to be intentional about how you spend your money and develop a plan to pay off your credit card debt.

But first, I would love to know if you think the reason you still have debt is related to number 1 or number 2 above! Email me at and tell me which one resonates with you.

All the best,


P.S. How long have you been struggling to pay off your credit card debt? If you know it’s been too long and you are ready to get out of debt schedule a complimentary call so we can make a plan to get you out of debt once and for all!

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