How to Create Your Own Stimulus Check

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Are you hearing the news of the stimulus and thinking it’s not enough? Or that you won’t qualify? 

What if you explored giving yourself a stimulus check? 

Keina, I don’t have that kind of money!  

I would argue that you do have the money to provide your own stimulus check – and I want to help you find it. I want to help you be clear on how you’re currently using your money. I want to help you look at your expenses and find opportunities to free up funds to cover your expenses right now, increase your savings or use more of your income towards the things you value. 

I want to provide you with a solution that will outlive a one-time stimulus check. I want to help you find more money to fund your lifestyle and your goals regardless of the time or season. 

Let me show you where to start with these three simple steps. 

1. Get clear on where your money is going. 

Without a clear picture of where your money is going you won’t know how to use a stimulus check or your current income to best support you, your goals, or your values. Something my clients would tell you is you need a plan to be in control of your money. They realize you can’t wait for a stimulus check, tax refund, or even a raise before you decide to gain clarity with your money. In my one month intensive, we dive in and create a plan that helps them get clear on where their money is going. We track their expenses from week to week. We look at all of their expenses whether it’s the bills they have on autopay or their daily expenses like groceries, gas, and eating out. 

2. Identify your most immediate financial goal. 

I want you to keep it simple here by identifying your one financial goal for the next month. Once you know your goal, decide how you want to use the money you’re currently making to make progress. Maybe you have a goal of saving $100 this month, so you set up an automatic payment to yourself for $25 a week or $50 twice a month.  Maybe you want to stay within the grocery budget you set, so you get really clear on how much money you have to spend per week and you monitor that amount each week. Or maybe you received a tax refund or stimulus check so you set aside the time this week to create a plan for how you want to use the money. 

3. Create opportunities to free up money to meet the goal you’ve set. 

Despite the times that we’re in, there are opportunities to shift your resources and start saving. In the last week, one client has saved almost $100 a month because she refinanced her auto loan to lower her payments and get a better interest rate.  Another client saved $20 a month by calling about her internet and cell phone bill. Another client is saving $25 a month by switching her checking account to another tiered option at her bank. It might not seem like much but these amounts add up over time.   If you were able to find those savings in your own life right now, you’d be saving over $1500 a year, which is more than many people will get with their stimulus check. and that would just be the beginning. This might be the very thing you need to help you save money or have more money to use towards paying down debt.  

If you follow these three simple steps, you can create your own stimulus.  It won’t be the traditional stimulus that comes from the government but a stimulus that comes from you taking action and being intentional with your finances. It will be the result of you being in control and not waiting on someone else to give you a temporary fix to a problem you hold the solution to. And when and if you get a stimulus, you’ll be better prepared to use the money towards clear goals you’ve set for yourself.    

All the best, 


P.S. One of the things I often hear from my clients is that they wish they would’ve started working with me sooner because then they could have started taking control of their money sooner. During this season of uncertainty, I know all of my clients are going to be able to provide their own stimulus because they have a plan that allows them to know how to shift their finances with the times. Whether that’s continuing to manage their money with the plan we created or looking for opportunities to free up money to increase their savings, they’re prepared.  If you know you’re ready to get relief with your finances, I invite you to schedule a call so we can talk about what it would like to work together. 

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