Will You Go On A Date With Me?

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If you follow me on social media, you know I talk a lot about having money dates. Today I want to let you know why. Simply put, this small habit has been a game-changer for me and my clients.

Money dates were the building blocks of my personal finance story. When I graduated from college, I was in $75,000 of student loan debt. Cue all the overwhelming feelings that flood in whenever you have a mountain of debt staring you in the face.

I got out of the overwhelm and found clarity when I started having weekly money dates with myself.

During those first few money dates, I started assessing my current reality (imagine a 22-year-old version of me digging through student loan paperwork to see what I really owed and when my loan repayments would start!).

Then I started using that time to identify my financial goals. Eventually, I moved to using my money dates to track my finances.

At every stage, my weekly money dates helped me create clarity around my finances and progress towards my goals.

But my money dates didn’t just help me make progress toward my goals. They also helped me reach them.

Money dates were what helped me buy my first home before the age of 30. They were what helped me pay off that $75,000 of student loan debt shortly thereafter. They were what helped me find money to invest in myself. And they helped me find ways to save money and pay off debt at the same time.

What I realized this week in self-reflection is that I make time for a weekly money date because it holds me accountable to check in with my spending plan and bank account regularly – and because I’ve seen the impact that time makes.

My money dates encompass numbers but ultimately they drive my motivation and decision making and create peace of mind with my finances.

You can start having your own money dates to create the same things for yourself.

Money dates can help you…

  • Create a blueprint for how you want to use your money
  • Pay off your credit card and student loan debt
  • Save more and save consistently
  • Name and celebrate milestones in your own financial journey
  • Be proactive in how you spend your money day to day
  • Shift your mindset about money

This week, I invite you to start having a weekly money date.

Carve out 30 minutes this week to have a money date with yourself and start gaining clarity on one small piece of your financial journey. Don’t feel the need to take on an overwhelming task. Start small. Starting small may look like writing all the due dates for your bills on a calendar or go through your subscriptions and cancel the ones you no longer need and that’s alright because these small steps will lead to increased clarity and confidence when you continue to show up.

I really want you to take action on this instead of just filing the email away for later.

So, fill in the blank…

“I will block out 30 minutes on _________ to have my first money date with myself.

If you’re still feeling stuck send me an email to keina@wealthovernow.com so I can send you a personal reply and help you get unstuck and figure out what to do on your money date.



P.S. If you find it challenging to build new habits (like having a weekly money date), you should check out Atomic Habits. I grabbed this book on Audible and there are so many great nuggets about habit formation. One thing I love is giving yourself the permission to take on small wins when looking for sustained success. And if you don’t have time to grab the book here’s a quick article to read.

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