How You Can Get Financial Results Sooner When You Don’t Wait to Start

Money Files

Today I’m sharing another conversation in my Money Files series. This series is the most exciting and impactful content I’ve created to date because you get a firsthand account of the power of financial coaching.  

It is easy for me to share stories about the transformations my clients have had, how they’ve rewritten their money story, or where they really were before we got started but I would much rather have my clients share their unfiltered experience – and results – firsthand. 

I can’t wait for you to dive in and meet Roselynn. You’ll hear Roselynn jokingly share that she found her “financial fairy godmother” as she shares the behind-the-scenes story of our coaching partnership. You’ll also hear that she waited a long time to experience that kind of support because she thought she needed to get things “in order” before we could start working together. 

In our conversation, you’ll hear her share more about why she finally decided she was ready and how working together helped her align her spending to achieve her financial goals and build trust in herself. 

Here are a few things you’ll learn when you listen in: 

  • Why Roselynn indulged in a “last supper” spending spree before we started working together and what advice she would give herself now 
  • Roselynn’s revelation that she COULD spend money as long as it was in alignment with her goals and what she really wants
  • How one moment at CVS helped her shift her thinking around how she spent her money 
  • What Wealth Over Now means to her since we started working together 
  • How the power of vulnerability has helped her reach her weekly financial goals 
  • The generationals shifts she sees for her family as a byproduct of our partnership 
  • The intangible milestones she met such as learning to believe in and trust herself

If you’ve been on the fence about wanting to reach out financial coaching because you need to “get ready” I promise that you don’t want to miss this conversation with Roselynn.  I can promise you that Roselynn will share at least one valuable mindset shift that will help you realize it’s not about getting ready. 

And if you’ve been on the fence about whether financial coaching is right for you, let Roselynn’s story be motivation for you to stop waiting for the perfect time to start.  You are enough and we can start making financial progress right now. Let’s schedule a call so you can rewrite your money story and reach your financial goals. 

Listen to Roselynn’s Money Files episode

Inside the episode

This week I shared Roselynn’s story in my Money Files Series. Today,  Today I want to talk about the fears Roselynn had about getting started, and why I see them come up so often for my clients too. 

You heard Roselynn share that we connected about six months before we actually started working together. She waited and waited to work together because she was afraid I’d put her on a budget. So instead of getting started right away, she decided she wanted to do some “last supper spending”. That only delayed her results. 

You see I don’t just put clients on a budget– and if that’s the reason for waiting, it’s a missed opportunity. I understand that you still want to spend money. And in my 1:1 partnership you’ll learn how to create a spending plan that allows you to do it in an intentional way. 

As Roselynn learned, the one month intensive is not about telling you what you can or can’t do with your money.  It’s about helping you shift your mindset.  I start each partnership by having you name your desires. Then we work together to create a plan that allows you to be intentional about how you want to invest your money so you can stop fearing your bank account.  The approach I take with clients helps them learn to start saving, while also paying down debt. AND we create the space for what some might consider indulgent purchases but without the guilt.

Maybe some part of Roselynn’s story resonates with you because you’ve also been waiting to work together because you’re worried I’m gonna put you on a strict budget. You might even have some hesitation about moving forward but I want to ask you one question…. 

If you knew I wouldn’t put you on a strict budget and would instead help you create the space for more freedom in your life, what’s holding you back from getting started today?

Set a timer for five minutes and write down the results investing in a financial coach would create for you.  

Are those results worth scheduling a call, despite the fear, shame, or guilt you may feel? 

We will partner together and move beyond the emotional side of money.  I’ll be there to provide the support and accountability you need.  So, schedule a call and let’s make this official! 

The transcript


[00:00:00] Hi, this is Keina with money files. I’m so excited that you guys are joining us for another episode today, I have my client Rosalyn. I’m going to go ahead and let her introduce herself.


[00:00:09] Hi Roselynn. I work in commercial real estate. I’m really excited to be here with Keena. She’s my financial fairy godmother.

[00:00:17] She’s saved my financial life. so happy to talk with her and to share my story and. Share the ways in which she helped me. You’re


[00:00:24] so funny, financial feelings, so I want to die. And then the thing that I want women and just listeners that are listening to this is to hear, like I said, stories of transformation.

[00:00:36] So if you’ll just start with one of the questions I’m asking, everyone is like, how bad was it really. So share if you’ll just share a little bit more about where were you when we first started working together


[00:00:46] for me, I felt I was like nine one, one calling the doctor. We need that differentiator because I’m about to pass out.

[00:00:53] I felt so nervous about money. I felt so out of control with my money, I was accounting for things mentally. I’ve probably doubled from accounting things mentally. I just felt out of control and frustrated. I had been looking for someone who could help me with this. I tried other people, but no one seemed right.

[00:01:13] I just couldn’t have the same rapport and feel comfortable enough to share and get vulnerable and where they could really help me out. So I think that’s where I was really panicked, really scared about money and scared about my future as a result of my lack of understanding about money.


[00:01:31] And that actually makes me. I don’t even, did you find me yet

How Roselynn Discovered Financial Coaching


[00:01:36] online? I Googled every once in a while I would periodically just Google financial help, financial counselor, and this one time, for some reason you came up and I just was like, go for it. You just seem so friendly. She has such a big smile and I was just like, Just email and see what happens.

[00:01:55] And it works because I haven’t emailed others. And sometimes the email, the websites were down, so it worked out and she messaged me back and I was like, I’m going to do this, but I did do a lot of last stuff for spending as I’m going to spend money on all these things before I work with her so that she can’t tell me that I can’t spend money.

[00:02:12] So it took me a little while to get started. But I did just find you online after Googling. I think I found your website or found you on. I can’t remember right now exactly where I think I found you on Yelp. I’m not mistaken. I think I’m not sure.


[00:02:26] I want you to talk more about that? Cause I can’t remember.

[00:02:29] We talked at the end of that last year and it was maybe like October, November, and I definitely remember you being like, I’ll be ready to work with you. I feel like you told me, like January,


[00:02:44] I did eat the beans. I wanted to buy a couch. I want to, like I said, do a lot of less buffer spending. So that tells me not to spend money at these things.

[00:02:56]That’s really where I was. I felt like I needed to get ready to work with you. And that is such a myth I didn’t need to get ready. I would have probably been way better served, just diving right in, because what I love is you meet your clients where they are. And you’re not judgmental at all. You understand life happens and if you know better, you’ll do better.

[00:03:18] So the messier it is, I think the better it is to work with you, because then you can understand the reality of where someone is the reality of the challenges they’re facing and just help them think through those challenges in a more systematic Clare way that allows them to meet their ultimate long term goal.

[00:03:37] So I think. That is just go ahead and send the email. You don’t need to do it. You don’t need to prepare to have the conversation. You are ready. You are enough where you are to have the conversation. I think that’s what I was saying, but I would probably just answer to a totally different question.


[00:03:54] no. I think that there are one of the reasons I wanted to do this series is because I wanted to one give you an opportunity to celebrate all the things. That you’ve done. But then also I think, because you’re still in the work and we’re working together is that you can provide a different perspective for those people that are like, like you’re, it’s like sitting on the edge of the pool.

[00:04:17] You’re like, okay, but it’s cold and it’s not that hot outside. you’re just waiting for that perfect moment. And I, as we were just talking, I remembered. That we talked several months before you actually, you started working with me and I see that with some of my clients that they feel like I need to have it all figured out before I worked with Tina or it’s similar to dieting.

[00:04:40] It’s right before you start your diet on Monday, you’re going to eat hamburger, ice cream. that’s what I do. Like you said, that last supper feeling. So I appreciated you just like


[00:04:49] sharing. Your

Why Roselynn Would Have Started Sooner 


[00:04:50] own perspective on the journey and why you waited. And then what would your advice be for anyone who might be in a similar situation?


[00:04:59] Absolutely. I would say don’t wait, like


[00:05:02] out, have been better


[00:05:03] served. With having not bought a couch before, because Keina would have told me, you can buy the couch, but this is the way in which you can buy it. That leaves you empowered leaves. You not feeling like you’re doing something bad because as long as you’re in alignment, which is why one of the things with your long term goals.

[00:05:24] It’s okay to spend money. It’s okay to do the things you want to do as long as you know why you’re doing them. And you’re tracking towards where you ultimately want to be, whatever your goals are. So I would just say, go right ahead. And this is so not a field pitch at all. It’s really what I would have done if I could go back to over 2019.

[00:05:45] Is that the date? I don’t know. You said October, so I’m just, I don’t


[00:05:48] remember what month that was. I was like, you remember the exact day?


[00:05:53] I don’t put chicken brain.


[00:05:56] He said it. So assertively, then I was like, Oh


[00:05:59] wow. Gives me confidence. She gives me confidence and that’s why I do this. I was like, she said it though.

[00:06:06] She’s right. anything you say was yes, mom.


[00:06:10] So what did you believe about yourself in your relationship with money? When we first started working together,


[00:06:15] I felt like I couldn’t be trusted with money. I had set up so many times in the past. I’d set up financial goals for myself with money and I just failed at reaching them.

[00:06:28] I didn’t have habits. Yields the fit them in place to make my goals come to pass. I couldn’t reach long term goals. I would just overspend money constantly and not feel like I’m spending money on the things I really want to spend money on just because I couldn’t track where my money was coming. I didn’t know what was, I knew what came in, but I really didn’t know where it went at the end of the day.

[00:06:53] So I was just a mess. I was. All over the place with my money. And it’s just that feeling of out of control. You can’t trust yourself. You don’t believe in yourself. I was I’m able to accomplish them. Any other things. This was like my private, dirty little secret of something I just couldn’t do because I didn’t grow up.

[00:07:13] Learning those skills, but I’m just, Oh, when I say very long limber, like she just put everything in order gain that confidence of, I can’t do this and have a system that is just in the beginning. I was terrified at the system, but like just using, and I gained so much confidence. Like now I’m just so proud of myself and so confident about my money, where it’s coming.

[00:07:38] I know where it’s going. Everything has its place. And. It has its place in a way that helps me meet my goals. And I keep saying that I can’t say that enough. I know where I’m headed and I’m headed where I want to hit. And that’s so empowering. It has. So shifting my relationship with money to trusting myself.


[00:07:58] I love that you said that you started not trusting yourself and now you’re trusting yourself and, Oh, you also touched on that like private, dirty little secret, because I think I work with a lot. I think I work with, I know I work with a lot of women who have their life put together in so many different ways.

[00:08:16] They make really good money and your life is together. And all of these other places, like when I think of like a life will, I have the career, I want, I’m going to school, whatever those buckets. But when it comes to finances, there’s something that’s not clicking and it’s not the. Type of clarity and confidence that you want in that area of your life.

[00:08:34] But I think it’s such a foundation for everything else that you do and how you show up.


[00:08:41] Absolutely. I’m so glad that I did this because money’s one of those generational things. Being a woman of color, knowing that I have a handle on this. Means that my kids can have a handle on this. My niece has cancer.

[00:08:55] I have a handle on this and if I don’t even pass on anything else, I can just pass on the knowledge of how you handle your money. So that generationally, that’s not an issue in my family anymore. So that just blows my mind and makes me feel so proud. And so that alone makes this. Investment worth it because it’s not going to end with me something that’s like a generational gift that I can pay for.

[00:09:21] And it’s something that I share with my friends and continue to share with people because it’s so powerful, it’s so necessary. It’s still important to have the skill. And it doesn’t matter if you didn’t get growing up, you can get this deal now. And it’s so doable. It was just in a matter of months of working with Kenya that I was able to get to this place, though.

[00:09:46] I just can’t speak enough of how transformational this experience has been for me in how life changing and how I know that it’s a generational thing for me. something that I want to introduce my kids to from a young age. And they’ll probably being digital natives. Take it even further than I can and think about money and just think about their lives from that lens.

[00:10:10] It’s very important.


[00:10:11] Sure. People listening are like, give us the dirty secrets. You told us about your private, dirty secret of feeling shame around your finances, but what was it, what was the experience like in terms of. When everything changed for you. So just for clarity, for those of you who are listening Roselynn, and I did the one month intensive, and then she went into a three month partnership with me so we can continue to work together.

[00:10:36] But I always tell people like, just trust me because it’s. You’re going to feel like you’re standing in front of a fire hydrant at times, you’re going to be like sopping wet. I’m like, just trust me because I promise I’ll give you a towel, dry you off. And


[00:10:49] like things will click.


[00:10:50] Yeah. Walk us through like your journey.

[00:10:52] And just when things started to shift and change for you,

How to Create Better Spending Habits 


[00:10:56] I would say things started to shift and change from, for me at the CVS when I was. About to do something very mindless and pick up something. It doesn’t even matter. I can’t remember what it even was. My doesn’t even matter what it was. And the first thought that came into my mind is where’s the money coming from for this?

[00:11:16] Just that thought to think I never had in my life had ever thought, where is the money coming from? And when you work with Kenya, you realize that is a very fundamental, important


[00:11:28] question to ask yourself,


[00:11:30] how is this serving me? In my long term goals, but as far as a moment, that’s one moment, another moment is just I make money.

[00:11:39] One of the things she suggested is that you make money dates with yourself. I made a money date with myself and my thing balanced. Oh my goodness. I was like, I have it. I’m probably not using all the terms correctly, but like I was able to balance the money coming in with the money, going out and get to my little red zeros.

[00:12:02] That was another moment of clarity for me. But the process of working in Kenya generally is you have to be willing to be vulnerable. You have to be willing to be at the point where you want the change bad enough, that you’re not worried for that exposing your bank account or exposing really where you are financially to her.

[00:12:24] And she can be trusted with this information so that you can see, she can see. What choices you’re making, not judging those choices, but just understand your rhythm and patterns around money. When you do that each week on a weekly basis, during our calls, she would understand what my goals had been from the prior week and help me see how I had spent money to reach those goals and understand where the money came from and where the money went of my account.

[00:12:56] So I don’t know if I’m explaining this well enough, but. That’s a little bit about the process. I worked with her for one month where I kinda got all the information, all of my financial information in the spreadsheet. And then I worked with her for three months going


[00:13:11] forward, where we just


[00:13:12] kept practicing the skills and the muscles I needed to ensure.

[00:13:17] I might feel in alignment with my goals, my long term goals, where the money coming from, where’s it going at? how are those transactions meeting my goals? What are ways in which I can tweak? Where can I get better financial terms for insurance, better financial terms in terms of a loan, a car loan that I might have, what are different choices I can make to be able to.

[00:13:43] Being in my best financial footing, the three months helped me practice that so that I know the questions to ask in different financial situations. So that’s a process that we use, but it’s that moment to moment, I think really asking myself, where’s the money coming from to pay for this? Have I allocated it in a bucket that allows me to spend this money in a certain way?

[00:14:10] I hope that’s clear, but.


[00:14:13] There’s no right or wrong answers. it makes me think about when we were working together. Cause Roselynn was like an, a plus student and did all her homework in between golf. But even just being able to like, we, over from week to week, when you were talking about money dates, it’s even discovering things where you’re like, Oh, I didn’t realize.

[00:14:32] That I hadn’t allocated for that. Because it’s not something it’s an irregular expense or how can we rethink through this situation? Cause we have numbers to back it up, but we even have conversations to say What does your life look like when you earn more income? So even just thinking about this is what you currently make, but if you increase your income and change your career, what would this extra 20, $30,000 go to?

[00:14:58] And how would that serve you in the life that you desire to


[00:15:01] build? Absolutely. He put it perfectly. We did a lot of Nario planning of in this scenario, these are the choices you provide for yourself. It touches every aspect of the life I had gotten through really comfortable where I was working and I could move on and increase my financial earning capacity.

[00:15:23] But I wasn’t just because I was comfortable, but by making that choice, how was it impacting the financial goals that I actually had for myself? So just thinking through that and that being a reality that I could see clearly in the numbers, I couldn’t hide behind my not knowing really affects how.

[00:15:43] The choices that I’m making as far as making sure I’m putting myself in the best financial position for my future. Another thing is just the mindless bending. There were so many things I was signed up for that I just wanted even conscious of being signed up for it. Really. I signed up for audible shouldn’t even know I find a bottom.

[00:16:01]I wasn’t even using that. So there was a lot of that too. I think that we discovered through this process. Because they’re forced to, it forced me to put everything on the table. Like all my expenses were visible and areas that may be it’s really liberating because there’s nothing I’m hiding.

[00:16:20] There’s no dirty little secret anymore. Everything is out in the open. And that transparency is what allows me to change and to shift and to make the choices that I really wanted to me, it stops really being about Kenya and really becomes about you and what kind of life. Do you want to have ultimately, what kind of financial life do you want to have?

[00:16:40] She’s just showing you like, this is what your choices are resulting in. And if you want to shift that, this is how you can shift that. I think that’s really key. That was really key for me anyway, to just really get clear on what was happening and to see what was happening. There’s nothing like seeing what’s happening and seeing the result of your choices, because I saw that I’m allocating money.

[00:17:05] In ways to things that just don’t even matter to me. I don’t want to sign up for audible. I don’t need it. I don’t need to spend X amount on whatever it is. It doesn’t matter. Pick your poison on clothes, on technology, on anything. That’s not serving my goal of wanting to start a business. That’s not serving my goal.

[00:17:28] The financial independence that I want. It really is wealth, the lore now, but when you really understand it and you get in that mindset, then you don’t see it as a loss. You see it as a gain towards what you want to do. Those are some of the moments that I stood out in our working together and made the difference for


[00:17:47] me.

[00:17:47] I’m gonna put you up on a poster child. One of the things you mentioned earlier, and I hear this a lot from the community I serve is like overspending. I have a problem with overspending. And how would you say that you have been able to shift your. it really comes down to spending habits, but if you could speak specifically to a listener that’s like in the boat, in the same boat as you, or similar boat, as you to say Oh my goodness, I’m overspending or one, would you say, are you still overspending or.

[00:18:16] What does that, what’s that process look like to shift that habit?


[00:18:20] Yeah, definitely not overspending anymore. I think it’s the whole system that the way it’s crafted in the way it works by having the frequent money dates, you’re looking at what you’re spending money for. First of all, you’ve already allocated your money into different buckets based on what you value.

[00:18:38] No, I have, I’m just making it up $10. Just spend on groceries this week. I don’t spend $10 in groceries spend a lot more, but just for example, say, yeah, I have $10 on groceries. I have $10 on makeup. I have $10 on anything else that I want to spend money on when you know that going in to the grocery store.

[00:19:01] Why am I picking up things that are worth $20? I don’t have the money to spend. So you already empowered with knowing what your limits are going in. And by having say, I overspend. But $10, then I need to get that money from somewhere else to make it up. So just having that system in that practice and seeing what the overspending result in the consequence of my action, that’s what helped me.

[00:19:27] But the money, they, I just know how much money I have to spend for everything. And I’ve already allocated the money to the things I want to spend money on. I’m not feeling deprived. Like I’m not doing what I want to do. I just don’t feel the need to spend mindlessly on other things, because I know I want to start a business on my own, and that’s just so much more important to me than buying an extra pair of shoes that I wasn’t planning on.

[00:19:51] But if I do want to buy an extra pair of shoes, I can, but I can bucket, put a bucket for shoes and I’ll buy the shoes. So I’m just so comfortable with that. I feel just so much more empowered knowing that I can get things when I want to get them, but even more important I’m working towards my long term goals.

[00:20:10] I’m just very motivated by my long term goals and just motivated by understanding that I have a system that’s going to get me there. that’s what really works for me. I don’t know if that’ll work for you or for your listeners, but there’s definitely a way to. Not overspend money. Feel like you’re spinning any money on the things you want because the entire system is based on what your goals are.

[00:20:32] If your goals are just spend more money on shoes, by all means. With this system, you can do that. It’s really centered around you. That’s not about anyone being, it’s not like a paternalistic thing of these are the right things. You must spend money on whatever you want to spend your money on. As long as you’re comfortable doing that, she’ll help

[00:20:55] yesterday with Juneteenth. Now


[00:20:58] people always ask how soon will I get results? And I think that looks, I think that sometimes when we think about results, We think about, I paid off $15,000 in credit card debt, and I try to push people to think that think about there’s like intangible and tangible results that I think you get from this process that don’t always look like I have $20,000 already saved in my emergency fund, or, like I said, I have the $10,000 worth of debt already paid off.

[00:21:26] Like one of my clients, we worked together at the end of last year. And she does have some debt paid off. It’s seven months later, she’s paid off $10,000 in debt, but that doesn’t. Look the same for everyone, but what would you say? Like how soon did you see results?

How Soon Roselynn Saw Results from Coaching


[00:21:40] I saw results after a month of working with you, but like you said, I said the result, like honestly, the paying off of debt and, maybe the saving of X amount of money.

[00:21:50] Those are. Like concrete results that are very important. They’re great. External milestones, I think even more important are the intangible milestones of how you’re thinking about your money, your relationship with your money. Because by having the relationship, he wants to have the money. That will drive you and allow you to save the $10,000 ultimately, by having a system that makes that saving easier, helps.

[00:22:17] But that system is only as good as your commitment to using the system. If you don’t have the mindset of this is what I want and I’m willing to use the system and take her long, it takes to save that money. You’re never. I feel going to save that money after about a month, working with you. I began to see how for myself having the system in place.

[00:22:39] Would make the difference. I had put everything I was vulnerable and I think I saw the results because I was willing to, yeah, there’s a point where this has got to work. Everything else tried, hasn’t worked. So whatever I need to do, I’m not going to my way of the success of this working. So I put everything on a table.

[00:22:57] You have access to all my bank account statements, all my credit card States, she saw all the transactions that I was making, and that helped us work together to craft a system that worked for me based on my relationship with money. So after a month we had the system in place. I worked with her. Just to build that muscle, just so that I am committed to the process because when you it’s like habit forming, it takes a while.

[00:23:23] I think I read somewhere that it takes really 12 weeks of repeating a habit to really have it stick for the long term. Yet three weeks is like an initial, you have the habit down, but 12 weeks point is a point where you have repeating it, where it becomes a part of you and a part of your lifestyle.

[00:23:40]Wanted it to be a part of my lifestyle. And I funny, I was just thinking this morning, because I thought I’m in the process of changing jobs. I was like, I told King of the changed job. I’m going to bring her back. But I was just thinking, I don’t even know that I really need to bring her back. I love you though, but I don’t know that I need to bring you back because I think I got, if I think I know how, even if the amount of money I’m making increases dramatically, I can think about my values, what I value, where I want my life to go, and I can allocate this new money into the right buckets for me.

[00:24:18] So just cause I love spending time with her, but yeah, I think I got this. I think I can handle this situation even with the new challenges, because I just had. I have my mindset. My mind has just shifted in how I see and view money as a tool for me to have the life that I want to have, and that I got in the first month.

[00:24:39] And then I just practiced it for three more months with her. And I know that I can reach out and work with her again in the future, if I need to, just to tune things up or run things by her. So I would also say, I know not everyone is a person of faith, but I’m a person of faith and Another thing that really helped me was just the scripture, Matthew 25 21.

[00:24:59] So if it fits for you, it just talks about being faithful over the few things so that you can enjoy greater things. And in many ways, I’m just glad that I was able to learn this with the resources that I have now. Cause then I know when I have more resources I can do with those resources as well.

[00:25:20]I said a lot.


[00:25:21] No, it’s all good. Cause I think like even the point that I want everybody to get to. Is one, I would echo the sentiments that like, if you’re not, if you can’t manage $30,000, you’re not going to be able to manage 300,000. One of the questions I like to ask is if your money had a theme song, what would it be?

[00:25:39] And I think of that song with biggie, like more money, more problems. And so it’s true. if you can’t manage 30,000, you, what are you gonna do with 300,000? And the thought is, Oh, if I had that much money yeah. When have any issues, but there’s a root and there’s a core. To whatever your money issues are.

[00:25:57]And it is more money, more problems, like all of a sudden when you have more money, if we haven’t shifted our mindset and been really clear with the things that are, that we value and what our goals are, then are habits. Aren’t going to be in alignment with whatever it is, that’s coming into our bank account.

[00:26:14] And then secondly, That I was going to say, in terms of what you were talking about is my goal is for this system, to be able to, you have a system that carries you on, right? It’s not, this is a different type of investment. It’s not investing. Like I love experiences. That’s something I value and experience.

[00:26:32] Yes, it does give me lots of memories and I like nice things. But when you invest in


[00:26:37] yourself and who


[00:26:38] you are that yields like. 10,000 fold. And so whenever I’m working with my clients is I want you to have a skill that not, yeah. Only serves you in the moment, but it serves you five years from now, 10 years from now.

[00:26:52] And even when you were talking earlier, it’s about this generational change and shift and in the current climate that we’re in, as we’re recording this, I’ve been thinking a lot about what is my purpose as an individual. And where is, where does my business fit within this? These dynamics is I think about like systemic racism and racial wealth gap.

[00:27:14] And I do have the opportunity to work with a lot of women of color, which then also there’s different, like responsibilities put on. People of color, like within their family unit, right? Like you might be taking care of grandma and grandpa, like just thinking about how family dynamics are built. And so when I think about my business and how can I shift what’s happening?

[00:27:36] In the world. It’s I can contribute to this generational change and generational wealth. And I know oftentimes when we think of wealth, it’s about ownership and I want property, et cetera, which I think that’s one way to obtain wealth, but it’s also like Howard, what’s the stewardship of the money that you, and even with the money that have today, one of my other clients was just saying Kina, I have had money to donate to organizations that are important to me and in alignment with my values.

[00:28:07] So I would say like on a individual level, I think that’s the way that she’s able to impact and affect change. So yeah. There’s my reflection on that.


[00:28:16] Yeah, no, absolutely. I think you just touched on so many things that are still important in this moment, and that is clearly an opportunity for you to add such.

[00:28:27] A monumental thing in this world to change people’s families by allowing them to create well for themselves. Like you said, and that’s something that’s still important to me. And that’s why I’m like hosting a conversation about money with my friends, which you are helping me with is still important to me.

[00:28:45] I feel like that’s part of my gift to the world as well. And like just sharing the fact that wealth is not just created by life. Making more money. Wealth is created by how you steward the money that you do have. So it feel important, especially in this moment. I, especially as there are systemic things going on that as a person of color, not just me, but my friends and my family members all know how Stuart, the resources they have so that they can change things for their families and individually on a systemic way.

[00:29:18] That’s really sustainable for the long term. There’s definitely a lot of suffering. There’s a lot of pain in the world, but I feel like this is one positive thing that we can all do and contribute to on an individual and a collective basis to change things hopefully for the better. I’m so excited to be hosting, money matters and mimosa conversation with Gina.

[00:29:40] It’s actually later today


[00:29:42] because you


[00:29:43] can’t see what my face is like full makeup. Cause I’m still so


[00:29:48] excited and I always want people to be, I talk about money all the time and I was joking on social media that like, Starting a money conversation is a icebreaker for me. Like it’s just the normal topic of conversation or conversation.

[00:30:03] But as we wrap up, is there anything that. I didn’t ask you that I should have asked you, or you wanted to share.


[00:30:12] I would just say get started today. Now is the right moment. This is the perfect time. What I love is that you helped me from where I am. You helped me expand and think about. Things that I didn’t even think of and create a bigger, better vision.

[00:30:31] And I’m an ambitious


[00:30:32] person.


[00:30:33] I already had big dreams, but she made those dreams not just bigger, but clearer and helped me have a direct path, a more direct path to where I would want to go. And she’s my fairy godmother, but she can’t get rid of me even if she wants to. And she knows that


[00:30:52] so funny. I was trying to actually.

[00:30:54] Look at your client board. And I was looking at, in our first call, some of the things. So one of the things I ask people within our first call is if you want to achieve the goals that you just talked about, how do you need to show up for yourself? And two of the words that I saw were


[00:31:09] that you


[00:31:10] said that you need to be patient and consistent.

[00:31:13] And I think that you’ve done that beautifully over the last, like four months that we’ve been working together. Even when I say. Than let’s look at your credit card statement. You’re like, wow. no. but no, like you, you really took the time to show up for yourself. And I think because you showed up for yourself, one, you like, you shared that you trust yourself with your finances, but I just think.

[00:31:41] I think that like doors of opportunity are also getting ready to open up for you because I wonder even in us talking and I’m reflecting now, it’s like, how do we even repel money? Because we’re not confident in how we can manage it. And so I just think as you like, continue to. Choose which job you’re going to take in the future.

[00:32:03] You’re going to be able to say Nope, and here’s, like here’s how much value I add to your business. And here’s the salary that needs to be coming to my bank account on the 15th and 30th of every single month. you got it. I


[00:32:14] just laughed. I can negotiate. I got it


[00:32:20] all. I think. That I definitely want to talk about what I do. It’s all about saving and paying down debt, but there’s all of these other benefits. And I had a former client who ended up, we did something similar to you where it’s okay, if you end up making X amount of money, how does that serve you?

[00:32:36] And she ended up getting a job where she was making $20,000 more. She emails me and she’s Keene, I got this job and I know exactly what to do with the money. So it’s not going to be that place. Where you experienced lifestyle creep.


[00:32:48] no, not at all. We already talked about what I wanted to do, how much more money I needed to be able to do the things I want to do.

[00:32:57] I’m just going to be on this journey. And the truth is things have already started opening up because I’m more open to new expectations and new and things that I’m believing that I deserve. Those are those things. So I’m excited for what the head. I hope he, I hope you work with her and you get to experience the same thing.

[00:33:17] I know you will.


[00:33:19] thank you guys for joining me. If you would like to learn more about my services, you can visit my website at You can read about more clients and the case studies and the different results that they received. But also you can book a call there to learn more about my one month intensive.

[00:33:37] So thank you again.

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