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Money Files

I created this Money Files series to give you the opportunity to join me in a money conversation that is different than any you’ve ever heard before. 

Instead of listening to me talk about how I work with clients, I decided to create a series of candid conversations with my clients so you can hear my clients celebrate their accomplishments and share the power of coaching. Over several episodes, I will share the conversations I’ve had with my clients about how their relationship with money has changed - and what new possibilities we created through our work together.

to change your relationship with money and rewrite your money story. 
to get control of your emotional spending. 
to consistently save for emergencies while also paying down debt.
to leave behind a life of stress and overwhelm when you think about managing your finances.

Learn how Marie went from writing all of her expenses in her planner and planning from month to month to paying off her first credit card and saving over $3,000 in her emergency fund in less than a year. Click here to listen to the interview.

How Marie Learned to Cover Future and Current Expense With Ease

Maggie did not believe budgets were for her because they felt restrictive but she decided to hire a financial coach after over a decade of trying to get out of credit card debt. In a little over 8 months Maggie has been able to pay off $11,000 of debt. Click here to hear the interview.

How Maggie Paid Off $11,000 In Credit Card Debt in 8 Months

Learn how one woman went from just handling her finances to saving over $5,000 in less than six months and managing her finances with her husband. Click her to listen to the interview.

How One Woman Went From Barely Having $500 in Savings to Saving $5000 in Less Than Six Months

Learn how a financial coach helped a woman see how creating a spending plan can create space for indulgent purchases. She will share with you how she learned having a budget does not mean you can’t spend your money. Click here to read the interview!

How You Can Get Financial Results Sooner When You Don’t Wait to Start

Woman wearing a white top and holding a flower arrangement on her left arm.

Learn how a financial coach helped a woman learn how to improve her finances. She will share with you how she learned to manage her emotional spending, pay off debt, and save for retirement. Click here to read the interview!

How Having A Team Helped Lisa Payoff $20,000 in Debt

Woman smiling at the camera in front of a gray background

Learn how a financial coach made a difference with woman experiencing money anxiety over the challenges of building an emergency fund and budgeting each month. Click here to read the interview!

How Financial Coaching Helped One Woman Save Money and Get Out of Debt

Black woman sitting on the ground with jeans and white shirt

Learn how one woman went from believing that filing bankruptcy was her only option to paying down debt, saving consistently, and getting out the paycheck to paycheck cycle.

How One Woman Stopped Considering Bankruptcy As An Option

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