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Money Files

I created this Money Files series to give you the opportunity to join me in a money conversation that is different than any you’ve ever heard before. 

Instead of listening to me talk about how I work with clients, I decided to create a series of candid conversations with my clients so you can hear my clients celebrate their accomplishments and share the power of coaching. Over several episodes, I will share the conversations I’ve had with my clients about how their relationship with money has changed - and what new possibilities we created through our work together.

to change your relationship with money and rewrite your money story. 
to get control of your emotional spending. 
to consistently save for emergencies while also paying down debt.
to leave behind a life of stress and overwhelm when you think about managing your finances.

Say goodbye to fake math in 2024! Uncover the budget-killing pitfalls of inaccurate estimates. Learn how using real numbers ensures drama-free spending and helps you reach your financial goals.

How Fake Math Is Killing Your Budget

Discover the pitfalls of short-term money challenges! In 2024, we’re saying goodbye to No Spend challenges. Join me in building sustainable systems for financial clarity, purposeful spending, and a positive, drama-free approach to finances.

Skip the No Spend Challenge – Learn How to Save & Spend Money Drama-Free

Learn how a financial coach pays off debt! I share my relationship with debt and offer actionable strategies to help you gain confidence managing business and personal finances.

Mastering Debt: How a Financial Coach Leverages, Manages, and Pays Off Debt

Managing your money well and building your savings leads to drama-free spending. Saving is a crucial step to building wealth. Learn what my journey to save money looked like and how I practice consistent saving today.

What I’ve Learned About Saving Money As A Financial Coach

Embark on a transformative journey with insights on overcoming financial anxiety, strategies for breaking free from self-imposed limitations, and uncover the power of self-awareness and resilience in this empowering episode on redefining wealth beyond numbers.

Ripple Effects of Coaching: Two Years Later with Muhawu

Learn how I create my business and personal budget as a financial coach! My unique zero-based budget strategy aligns my spending with my money goals to build wealth and the future I desire.

How I Align My Budget, Spending, And Future Goals As A Financial Coach

Listen to learn how I invest, plan for retirement, and build wealth as a financial coach. I share insights and lessons that shaped my financial journey and offer tips to help you reach your investment goals.

Investing, Planning For Retirement, And Building Wealth As A Financial Coach

This year is all about releasing shame and uncertainty around spending, saving and making money. Set yourself up for financial success with my five-step plan to build wealth.

5 Steps To Wealth Building

2023 is coming to close and it’s time to reflect on all you have accomplished this year! Now is the time to start planning money goals for 2024! Use my end of year checklist and reflection exercises to set yourself up for success.

End Of The Year Financial Checklist

Everyone experiences financial setbacks. Dealing with an unexpected expense doesn’t mean you are bad at managing money! Learn how to reframe financial setbacks and move forward with a positive mindset.

How To Overcome Financial Setbacks

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