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Money Files

I created this Money Files series to give you the opportunity to join me in a money conversation that is different than any you’ve ever heard before. 

Instead of listening to me talk about how I work with clients, I decided to create a series of candid conversations with my clients so you can hear my clients celebrate their accomplishments and share the power of coaching. Over several episodes, I will share the conversations I’ve had with my clients about how their relationship with money has changed - and what new possibilities we created through our work together.

to change your relationship with money and rewrite your money story. 
to get control of your emotional spending. 
to consistently save for emergencies while also paying down debt.
to leave behind a life of stress and overwhelm when you think about managing your finances.

You can save money, pay down debt, and still spend money on things that make you happy! In today’s episode I share five reasons why you should build a personal allowance into your budget. Learn how to spend money while still hitting your financial goals.

Why You Need A Personal Allowance

Are you tired of staying up at night worried about your finances? In today’s episode I share my judgment-free method to feel in control of your spending habits and reach your money goals.

How To Take Control Of Your Spending

I want you to make peace with your debt! In today’s episode I share budget and strategy tips to help you pay down debt faster, overcome feelings of shame, and regain control of your finances.

Simple Steps To Pay Down Debt

Are you concerned with sticking to your budget? In this episode I share five ways you can maintain the habit of budgeting without feeling restricted.

5 Ways To Maintain The Habit Of Budgeting

Do you dream of owning a home? In today’s episode I share four financial tips to help you prepare for buying a house. Tune in and learn everything from budgeting to down payments to prequalifying for loans.

4 Financial Tips To Help Plan For Homeownership

In today’s episode I am joined by my former client and career coach , Kim Tran. Listen in for a conversation about actionable steps for your upcoming career pivots, expanding your professional network, and salary negotiations.

How To Make A Career Pivot with Kim Tran

In today’s episode, I share ways to overcome the fear of falling back into bad money habits. Don’t let negative self-talk keep you from reaching your financial goals. Follow these steps to regain confidence and control of your finance.

How To Overcome The Fear Of Falling Back Into Bad Money Habits

In today’s episode, I list 15 things you can do right now to take control of your financial health. I discuss everything from retirement savings to negotiating your bills. You need these 15 things in your financial toolkit!

15 Practical Things You Should Be Doing With Your Finances

In today’s episode I answer ten of the most frequently asked questions from potential clients. Listen in to learn more about what it would be like to work with me as your financial coach. Let’s talk about finances!

10 Frequently Asked Questions About Working With Me

In today’s episode I share ways to help with repaying student loan debt. Payments resume in October 2023. Don’t get discouraged. Stay in control of your finances with these four easy tips to pay down student loans drama-free!

4 Ways To Prepare For Student Loan Payments

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