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Money Files

I created this Money Files series to give you the opportunity to join me in a money conversation that is different than any you’ve ever heard before. 

Instead of listening to me talk about how I work with clients, I decided to create a series of candid conversations with my clients so you can hear my clients celebrate their accomplishments and share the power of coaching. Over several episodes, I will share the conversations I’ve had with my clients about how their relationship with money has changed - and what new possibilities we created through our work together.

to change your relationship with money and rewrite your money story. 
to get control of your emotional spending. 
to consistently save for emergencies while also paying down debt.
to leave behind a life of stress and overwhelm when you think about managing your finances.

On today’s episode, I sit down with my friend and fellow money coach, Jess. Together we discuss challenges our clients face with overcoming fear, shame, and anxiety about their finances.

Join the Money Conversation With Keina and Jess

Today, I’m talking about balance transfers. Leveraging balance transfers can be an effective way to pay off debt faster. However, before committing to using a balance transfer, consider my steps to living a debt-free life.

How To Make A Balance Transfer Successful

Today, I’m talking about what to expect from my five month coaching container. You are only a coaching session away from beginning to confidently manage your finances.

The 5 Month Coaching Container – Explained

Today, I’m talking about underearning. Most of my clients are women and too often they are in a salary agreement where they are underearning. 2023 is the year to empower yourself to make more money.

How To Stop Allowing Yourself To Underearn

Today, I’m talking about debt. So many of my clients come to me feeling shameful about the amount of debt they have accumulated. Choosing to be intentional with your debt is the first step to controlling your finances.

How To Take The Shame Out Of Debt

Today, I’m talking about money triggers. Money circumstances are going to happen in your personal and business finances. Learning how to deal with them in a positive way will get you closer to your money goals.

How To Navigate Money Triggers Without Self Judgment

I have spoken in past episodes about how my parents influenced my beliefs about money. Today I am talking with my mom to learn about lessons in her childhood that shaped how she taught me about finances.

How My Parents Influenced My Relationship With Money

There is so much shame around asking questions about retirement because it feels like something we should already know. But 401(k)s are fairly new retirement tools that many people do not understand. Use this episode to empower yourself to get involved with planning your future.

Stop Feeling Guilty About Not Knowing Your Retirement Plan

My friend recently asked me, “Why do you want to be rich?” I build wealth so that I can be a generational influence and create change. I hope that by sharing a little about my background, I inspire you to work towards your dreams too.

2023’s Biggest Question: Why Do You Want To Be Rich?

Business owners commonly struggle with how much and when to pay themselves. For entrepreneurs, business and personal finances are strongly connected. Learn how setting three simple budgets can give you confidence in your money.

Three Budgets Every Entrepreneur Needs

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