Five Minutes A Day Takes The Financial Rut Away


Can you commit to spending five minutes a day with your money?

In the last week, I’ve logged into my bank account and adjusted my budgeting spreadsheet at least three times.

You may be saying “Keina you’re just doing too much!” But I’d challenge you to question that judgment because checking in regularly with your money is an important financial habit.

In my case, those check-ins helped ensure that I’m not overspending in any one area of my budget that would then cause to me dip into savings. Check-ins make sure I am not dealing with the backlash of an account overdraft because I didn’t have the money in my account to pay a bill. Most importantly, having frequent check-ins also means I’m not leaving money on the table because I didn’t realize that the recurring bill I canceled last month is still being pulled from my account.

This week, I challenge you to spend five minutes with your money each day so you can build awareness of your money moves by creating a daily habit to monitor your money.

If you’re new to this habit, here are a few ways that you can spend that time:

  • Check your bank account to make sure pending charges have cleared
  • Quickly compare your actual transactions in your bank account with your written budget
  • Ensure that you agree with all debits and/or deposits
  • Cancel a recurring bill before it is set to be pulled from your account again
  • Automate your savings by setting up a recurring auto draft to a separate account

This may seem like a small step in the process of getting out of a financial rut. But it’s an essential step if you want to make changes that will help you maximize your savings and minimize your spending so you can stress less about money and balance the tension of adulting well and enjoying life.

So if you don’t currently spend quality time with your bank account, consider this daily five commitment as something you can do to help you overcome the fear of checking your accounts and on to the confidence that comes when you have greater peace of mind.

If you’re looking for a few more suggestions for how you can spend five minutes with your money shoot me a quick email at and I’m happy to help you brainstorm a few ideas that will work for you!



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