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Money Files

I created this Money Files series to give you the opportunity to join me in a money conversation that is different than any you’ve ever heard before. 

Instead of listening to me talk about how I work with clients, I decided to create a series of candid conversations with my clients so you can hear my clients celebrate their accomplishments and share the power of coaching. Over several episodes, I will share the conversations I’ve had with my clients about how their relationship with money has changed - and what new possibilities we created through our work together.

to change your relationship with money and rewrite your money story. 
to get control of your emotional spending. 
to consistently save for emergencies while also paying down debt.
to leave behind a life of stress and overwhelm when you think about managing your finances.

Today’s episode is about the importance of building a financial system you can trust. This is more than budgeting, paying off debt, or saving money. It’s a sustainable way to manage your finances and enjoy life.

The Power Of Creating A Financial System You Trust

In today’s episode, I explain the difference between tracking and budgeting. Keeping a list of bills isn’t going to get you out of the paycheck to paycheck cycle. Instead, choose proactive planning and conscious spending.

Tracking vs. Budgeting – How to Actively Manage Your Finances

In today’s episode, I discuss the importance of conducting a midyear financial review. Learn how to check on with your progress and ways to tweak behaviors to hit your 2023 money goals.

How To Begin A Midyear Finance Review

In today’s episode, I walk you through how to define and understand your financial self concept. I provide a list of questions to help you explore how you view your money story and progress you’ve made so far in your financial journey.

Defining And Understanding Your Financial Self Concept

On today’s episode, I am joined by fitness and nutrition coach, Jenny. Together we discuss the similar mindset women have around budgeting and nutrition and how you can leverage your thoughts about nutrition or your money to help you reach your goals.

Keina And Jenny Talk No Restriction Budgeting And Nutrition

On today’s episode, I chat with my client, Ellie. Ellie reached out today because despite making $110,000 a year and sizable bonuses at work she still felt like she couldn’t get out of the paycheck to paycheck cycle. Tune in to hear how working with a coach helped Ellie learn to spend money guilt free and fully fund her retirement.

How Ellie Got Out Of The Paycheck To Paycheck Cycle As A Six Figure Earner

On today’s episode, I sit down with Marie. She completed a one-month coaching container with me 9 months ago. Listen as she explains how working with a financial coach has impacted her perspective on money.

MVP: How Giving Every Dollar A Name Changed Marie’s Spending

On today’s episode, I sit down with my friend and colleague Shamika Marie Hill. As a career development coach, Shamika offers advice on pushing your career to the next level through a shift in mindset around earning money.

Exploring A New Mindset To Make More Money: The Ownership Of You

On today’s episode, I discuss the idea of financial maintenance. As a coach I am here to help you get results, maintain results, and move forward to bigger goals. So let’s talk about what happens when you are no longer worried about saving money or paying off debt.

Exploring The Idea Of Financial Maintenance

On today’s episode, I demystify 100K. There is a lot of buzz around earning $100,000. But depending on where you live, your season in life, and your lifestyle goals, that salary milestone won’t stretch as far as you think.

Demystifying 100K

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