Hey Keina, what’s a financial coach?

Financial Coach

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So glad you asked!

What Is A Financial Coach?

A financial coach focuses on personal money management, behavioral habits, and acts as an accountability partner for your spending plan. At Wealth Over Now we explore financial health, financial goals, and financial stewardship with our clients so they can gain clarity on where they currently stand financially and move forward to align their income with their values.

At Wealth Over Now, we think of our role as a personal trainer for your money. For the same reason, you’d invest in your physical and mental health.  Your financial health is the foundation that will allow you to leave something behind that matters.

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Will You Help Me Invest?

A financial coach does not manage investments or sell products. A financial coach supports clients by helping them develop the skills, behaviors, and knowledge that support financial well being. We definitely want our clients to invest but our work really focuses on the management of money and being able to beyond just paying bills and spending everything else.

However, we do have a great network of financial advisors who support our clients in the financial planning process.

How Does It Work?

All of our clients start with the Power Session. This two-hour session focuses on building out a customized spending plan to align with your values and goals. Through prep work and an initial analysis we are able to see how much money is coming in and how much is going out. We take the stress out of money by helping our clients identify “their number” so they have clarity on how much they can spend, save, and how much they’ll need to live the life they desire.

If you’re interested in learning more schedule a complimentary call with Keina.

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